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SEND Provision

At Orchard Way, our policy for pupils with special educational needs is an integral part of the whole school’s ethos – All Different, All Equal, All Achieve. Each child is a valued individual within the school community, in which all children are encouraged to celebrate their achievements through our caring, positive and stimulating approach. We recognise that many pupils will have special needs at some time during their school life. In implementing our policy, we believe that our pupils will be helped to overcome their barriers or to develop strategies for effective, life-long learning.

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SEN Report 

Accessibility Plan

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Accessibility plan Jan 2021

The Engagement Model and the Curriculum at Orchard Way Primary School

Locality SEND Support

Locality SEND Support – Information for Locality SEND Support school websites.

Our school has become part of an exciting new initiative by Croydon Council to improve support for children with special needs or disabilities who live in Croydon.

Along with several other schools in our area, we’ve been given funding to provide earlier and better targeted help and support to SEND youngsters. This will enable our special needs staff to work closely with our partner schools to quickly get the necessary support and help for students who are beginning to demonstrate that they have additional needs which can’t be met through our own school SEND resources.

This early help which may be in the form of advice, school to school support, referral to specialist services, or additional resource can be put in place rapidly without unnecessary delay. This is because our group of schools hold the funding between us so we can direct this to the most suitable children in an efficient targeted way.

The initiative is called “Locality SEND Support” and will run throughout this academic year. We will of course monitor the outcomes closely. Not all Croydon schools are yet in the project, but it will be rolled out across all mainstream schools in Croydon by next September 2022. Presently the scheme is only for Croydon residents and will not impact on students who already have an Education & Health Care Plan or those in Enhanced Learning Provisions.

If you want to learn more about this scheme please contact our SENDCO and we will be happy to send you further details.

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LSS Information For School Websites Autumn 2022

LSS Detailed Guide For Parents Autumn 2022