Welcome to Year 5

Well earned break!

Year 5 pupils have worked very hard this half term and crowned it with a trip to the newly furbished Fairfield Halls for the Whitgift Foundation Autumn Collection Concert. This took place on Wednesday morning.Not only were the pupils entertained, they were very well behaved on the trip and made all the accompanying adults proud. Have a great half term break.


Our week’s work

Year 5 continued to work hard in all aspects of their learning. In Literacy,pupils planned and wrote their own stories, drawing inspiration from the author we have been studying.We discussed rounding decimals to whole numbers and to the nearest tenths in Numeracy. In Topic we wrote instructional texts on ‘How to mummify a body in Ancient Egypt.’

Astronomy Road Show

This week Year 5 experienced how it feels in the planeterium – and learnt more about the Earth, Moon and Sun. Pupils found out interesting facts and asked the presenter, Peter, many questions. We continued to do more work on Fractions by investigating fractions of an amount and that of a shape.We also learnt to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.


Year 5 in celebratory mood.

This week, Year 5 started learning about fractions-expressing a number as a fraction of a larger one. We also discussed equivalent fractions and how to simplify certain fractions. We discussed ‘The Life of Guru Nanak’ – the founder of Sikhism in R.E.

Our focus in Literacy was on description  and writing our memories of Orchard Way Primary as part of activities for celebrating our 50th anniversary. Year 5 pupils partnered Year 2 pupils in a country dance session on Friday.We hope to see most of you over the weekend to mark the 50th anniversary.

Week 3

This week, we discussed Factors and Multiples in Numeracy. Pupils drew on their knowledge of times tables to facilitate learning. In Literacy,pupils described the main characters in the book we are currently reading as a class- ‘The Lottie Project’. We also created mind maps on Ancient Egypt in Topic.

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