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Welcome to Year 5

Sparkle and Shine !

This week, we have been reviewing topics treated in the term  which needed revisiting for pupils’ knowledge to be reinforced. We also focused on techniques  and skills to answer questions on comprehension texts more effectively. We designed Greek pots in Topic work and also discussed Greek myths .It was nice to have parents in on Sparkle and Shine day. We all had fun!Thanks for coming.

This week !

In Numeracy, we recapped factors and multiples which we learnt at the start of the year when our focus was on time tables. Pupils recalled multiplication and division facts and applied them in problem solving. We also continued our work on ‘Cosmic’ and focused on Persuasive writing. Pupils planned their own leaflets on a theme park. Drafts will be edited and completed next week.

Inspired by some seals of the Ancient civilisation of Indus valley and the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt, we did some clay work and carved our own images. This is a collaborative project between Orchard Way Primary and our partner school, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai, India.


More Statistics!

Year 5 continued to work on Statistics this week with emphasis on two way tables.We  learnt to read and interpret data from tables and pupils persevered in their problem solving tasks.

In Literacy we read our class book – ‘Cosmic’ and explored settings in it. We are also delighted to  receive feedback from ‘Young Writers’ who have included our class in their annual competition and have chosen some of our poems for publication. Letters to that effect have been given to pupils today. These letters have been sent directly from ‘Young Writers’ to ask for parents and carers’ consent before their child’s work can be published. Please reply to them directly.


A Week of Statistics

Year 5 learnt  how to read, interpret and represent data on line graphs in Numeracy. We also continued reading ‘Cosmic’- our  focus book for reading  and explored friendship issues between the characters. Pupils are enjoying the story very much and are engaged with the related activities. As part of collaborative activities with our partner school in India,pupils also made paper pyramids and did a comparison study between the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Indus Valley.

Power of Reading

In Literacy,we have started reading ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell- Boyce. We have been exploring the main character this week and engaged in role play to explore family relationship issues.

In Maths, we solved word problems involving addition and subtraction.We discussed the role of the ‘pharoahs’ in Ancient Egypt and created graphs of sunrise and sunset in Science.


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