Welcome to Year 5

Kent Life Trip

In order to reinforce their learning on ‘The Victorians’, Year 5 pupils made a trip to Kent Life to take part in activities and workshops. Among the activities were:

  • Victorian Schoolroom
  • Make a Rag Rug
  • Victorian Shopping
  • Children and jobs
  • Life Below Stairs.

The events of the day were successful and pupils gave a good impression of the visit.Thank you for the support of parents and adult helpers  who contributed in diverse ways.

Zoom Rocket Project (STEM)

This week has been an exciting one for Year 5. We performed scenes of our poem- ‘ The Highwayman’ and continued our STEM project. We made paper aeroplanes and tested how aerodynamic  they were. Pupils also found out how to calculate the mean of test results.In Numeracy,we discussed ordering and comparing decimals.

A quick reminder that our Kentlife trip is on Thursday 12th March.

Zoom Rocket Project commences

The ‘ Zoom rocket project is a STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths) activity which we do to support our learning of Forces in Science. Pupils build their own rockets and have a big launch at the end of the project. We cover various areas such pressure, aero dynamics  and fair testing.

In Literacy we are discussing narrative poems and in Topic we are looking at living conditions of workers especially women in the Victorian times.

Year 5 also visited Dodger-the therapy dog. It was a fine experience.

A break, well deserved!

Year 5 pupils have worked very hard  and taken more responsibility for their learning this term. With the school’s big focus on reading, pupils have shown engagement in Whole class reading sessions and are applying high level vocabulary in their writing.

Swimming sessions ended today Friday 14th February with focus on Personal Survival Skills and a 10 minute fun time. The half term will be a good opportunity to use some old clothing to design clothes for a Victorian child which  will be needed on our school trip to Kentlife (Thursday 12th March).

We shall continue our work in Science on ‘Forces’ and begin our STEM rocket project in the first week back.

Have a great half term break.


Air Resistance

Year 5 continued their learning in Science this week with the focus on Air resistance.Pupils made their own parachutes to determine how much surface area can affect air resistance and carried out tests.Work on Fractions and their links to decimals is still on till the half term break. Pupils are also enjoying our class reading book – ‘Street Child’ and are producing brilliant pieces of writing connected to the story.

Next week is the end of our swimming sessions and it is heartening to see how much progress has been made by most pupils to become confident swimmers.