Welcome to Year 5

Young Journalists!

Year 5 started reading their class reading book ‘Street Child’ –  a story set in the Victorian times. Pupils learnt about the harsh living conditions of Victorian children(linked to Topic work) and used their journalistic skills to report on the hazards they faced. In Maths we rounded up our study on Multiplication and Division.

Please be reminded that swimming starts next Friday ,31st January.


Young Journalists

Year 5 learnt different written methods of division  in Numeracy and used them in problem solving. In Literacy,pupils wrote their own newspaper articles and showed creativity in the articles they wrote.It is heartening to note that some pupils voluntarily used ICT to enhance the presentation of their articles as part of their home learning.We continued to discuss the living conditions of children in the Victorian era and some of the jobs they did.

Happy New Year!

Pupils have come back to school refreshed and ready for the spring term. We have been learning mental strategies and formal written methods in multiplication. Please encourage pupils to learn their times tables (up to 12x) for this unit of work as it is key to their understanding of the methods.

In Literacy we are discussing newspaper reports and will soon be writing our own articles and in Science we have discussed the different types of forces in our new unit of work:’Forces’.

Christmas is here!

In the final week of the Autumn Term, we revisited various topics pupils found tricky in their end of term assessment.

We also narrated Greek myths in our own words and made up some of the stories using features and common themes discussed.

In Science, pupils learnt about phases of the moon and we summarised what has been learnt in the course of the term. We rounded off our  choreography in Dance ( P.E).  Each group incorporated their own routine for the final performance.

All the adults in the class would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for your generosity shown at the end of the term. We really appreciate our Christmas presents and feel valued. Happy Christmas to you all!


Sparkle and Shine !

This week, we have been reviewing topics treated in the term  which needed revisiting for pupils’ knowledge to be reinforced. We also focused on techniques  and skills to answer questions on comprehension texts more effectively. We designed Greek pots in Topic work and also discussed Greek myths .It was nice to have parents in on Sparkle and Shine day. We all had fun!Thanks for coming.