Welcome to Year 5


This week, we discussed how to use basic ratio to compare quantities in Numeracy and wrote our own reports of the weather using technical vocabulary.

In Topic, we began our learning about the Amazon Rain forest and its different layers. Pupils also looked at parts of the world where there are rain forests and located them on a world map.


A week at Whitgift School

This week,  Year 5 took part in the  Whitgift Primary Project at Whitgift School. Pupils had the opportunity to use some of the school’s facilities especially in the ICT department. Other subjects we learnt were Chinese, Japanese, Music and Science. Find below our activities in photos.



Topic Work – The Titanic

This week, pupils wrote about past significant events in Topic work. With the facts researched, they wrote newspaper articles about ‘The Titanic’ and in art drew the colossal vessel. We also reinforced our knowledge of measurements by doing varied pieces of work  in Perimeter of rectangles in Maths.



We wrote our narrative of  ‘The Highwayman’ poem in Literacy and continued with measurement in Maths. As measurement is very much linked to multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000, this week’s home learning is based on it to help us convert from one unit of measurement to the other more accurately.

A big thank you for the good turn out at our Class Assembly.The pupils were proud of their performance and I would personally like to thank all  the adult helpers for their continued support for Year 5 pupils.The teamwork shown by everyone is amazing.


Week 2

This week, we applied our knowledge of measurement to solve word problems in Maths. Encourage pupils to learn how to convert metric units from one to another such as from centimetres to metres and from metres to kilometres.

In Literacy, we  continued to explore the poem -‘The Highwayman’ in detail and will be debating some issues that the poem presents next week.We will also be writing our own narrative version of the story it tells.

In Science we classified items into living and non living things.

Our Class Assembly is on Friday 10th May at 2.30pm so we hope to see many of you there.


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