Welcome to Year 4

Summer 2 Week 5

This week in year 4, the children have worked really hard and completed their end of term assessments in maths and reading. They have all tried their very best and I am so pleased with the progress they have made.

In maths, we looked at the bus stop method for division. Some children had never seen this method before and I am so impressed at how quickly they have all grasped it! This is something that will definitely help them as they move through KS2 so it is important that they keep practising this method to keep it fresh in their minds. We have also revisited the ladder method for multiplication and looked at estimating our answers first. I am pleased that the children have become more confident in using this method.

In literacy, we started a new book called ‘Who was Rosa Parks?’ This is still part of our unit of work on ‘Chronological reports’ and the children have discussed how the test uses features of a chronological report.

The children also completed their final Soundstart lesson this week and had the opportunity to perform all that they have learnt in a short concert to their parents. I am so proud of them all and it was a pleasure to watch and see the amazing talent and progress they have made since the beginning of the year.

Summer 2 week2

This week in year 4…

In maths, we have looked at properties of shapes and in particular we focused on quadrilaterals. The children were able to identify similarities and differences in quadrilaterals, including angles, sides and lines of symmetry. We also revisited time and converted between analogue and digital time.

Our new unit of work is ‘Chronological reports’ and the book we have been looking at is called ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’. The children have worked on punctuating dialogue and recapped on the rules for this. The children were able to use the story to create a dialogue between two characters, using powerful verbs and adverbs for reporting clauses.

We continued with our London topic and the children looked at how London grew. They were able to see how London was built and how it has become the city it is today.

Summer 2 Week1

This week in year 4…

In maths we have looked at:

  • Completing shapes with respect to a line of symmetry
  • Recognising and comparing acute and obtuse angles and angles of 90 degrees
  • Comparing and classifying triangles and quadrilaterals, based on properties including types of angles.

In Literacy we have continued our topic of poetry and the children worked on spelling rules for the suffix ‘ous’. They have also started to draft their own poems in the style of ‘Instructions for Giants’ (one of the poems we have looked at this week.) They had to use a variety of poetic features and powerful language to engage the reader.

We started our new topic ‘London and Rivers’ and the children created mind maps for each of those. They wrote about what they know and what they would like to find out about London and rivers.

Summer 1 – Week 5

This week in year 4…

In maths the children have revisited marking decimals on a number line and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. They also revisited numbers with two decimal places and multiplying these by 10 and 100. The children were able to use their knowledge of place value to do this. Finally, the children revisited equivalent fractions and decimals.

In Literacy, the children have looked at a variety of poems and practised rehearsing these orally in pairs or groups. They were able to perform these to the rest of the class and I am proud of how brave and confident they were at doing this. They also used poetry to revise nouns and using pronouns to avoid repetition.

The children celebrated the end of their WW2 topic with a VE celebration street party on Wednesday afternoon. They were able to talk about what they have learnt in front of their parents. They worked really hard to learn their lines and we are very proud of how brave and confident they were. A big thank you goes to Mrs Twyman and Mrs Matthews for all of their help putting this together as well, we could not have done it without them. We are looking forward to starting our new topics after half term ‘London and Rivers’!

Well done for a busy and fantastic half term year 4, have a well earned rest!

Miss Gouveia

Summer 1 Week 4

This week in year 4…

In Maths the children have focused on finding the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. They have looked at the formula for both and were able to apply this to problem solving and reasoning activities. They have also revisited coordinates and in particular, have looked at plotting coordinates to draw polygons on a first quadrant.

In Literacy, we moved on to a new unit of work ‘Poetry’. We looked at the book ‘Poems to perform’ by Julia Donaldson and have worked on ‘Dinosaur rap’ and ‘Blame’. The children were able to use their knowledge of rhyme, rhythm and repetition to rehearse and perform the poems collaboratively.

We have continued with our WW2 topic and have looked at rationing and VE celebrations to end the war

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