Welcome to Year 3

Autumn 2 Week 7

This week we have done lots exciting Stone Age learning.  We created animal cave paintings from the Stone Age.  After painting we cut out our favourite ones and put them in a special book.  We learnt that Stone Age people used cave art to show pictures of their hunting and the weapons they used.  Their hand prints were their signatures.  For our paintings we used charcoal, chalk and paint to create them.









We have also began to learn a diary of a Stone Age child, we drew pictures to describe words and sentences.  After we had finished in our partners we did actions to go with the pictures we had drawn.  When we finished our paragraphs we started to learn the rest of the diary.












As well as all our diary entries and art we invited year four to come over to review what they liked and didn’t like about our pebble in our pocket books and to give us some advice about how to improve them.  It was exciting and fun because Miss Houston was not our only reader this time and we had year 4s too.  The year 4s told us lots of things to improve in our next piece of writing and said they really enjoyed reading our books.  We are hoping to read some of their work later on in the year.












This weeks blog was written by Marie and Tate


Autumn 2 week 5

On Tuesday we did geography. we learnt about Earths layers. we made a model of the earth. We had three colours ,red,yellow and green. We made the core out of red and and it was one centimetre.  Then we made the outer core out of yellow and rapped it over the core.  After, we made the mantle out of green and put it over the outer core.  We put sand to for the crust over our Earth and cut it with a piece of string.











We had assessment week and we were all concentrating very well.  We weren’t allowed to talk, It was very hard!  We did maths and reading booklets.









Later in the week we went on a school trip to Butser Ancient farm.  A lady called Alison told us a bit about the farm.  She took us to a stone age home to ask us some questions, we also left our lunches there.  We made bracelets out of sheep wool.  The grown ups tried first.  Then we did archaeology.  We dug for metal, pottery and bones.  After lunch we made wattle fences.  The boys made on fences and the girls made another.  We made rings out of wires and pliers.  Then after an enjoyable day we went on the coach home.













This weeks blog was written by Dylan and Saffron

Autumn 2 Week 4

For a few days we have been publishing our pebble in my pocket story’s. Everyone was happy when they started publishing. Some of our class have made our publishing into real books.  The pebble in my pocket book taught us how a pebble is formed.









In year 3 we have earned more than 2000 dodos so we can get a vote of to watch Netflix, wear slippers all day or get extra play. All of our class voted to wear our slippers to school all day (except for when we go out side ).









Some people in our class have been doing imaginative homework linked to our science learning; like Faye who made an incredible volcano.  The volcano was filled with ‘lava’ and Faye erupted it outside of class.












We have been learning about multiplication and division in maths this week and will continue our learning over the next few weeks.  You can help us with our learning of multiplication and division by giving us time to complete our Mathletics and going on hit the button.











This weeks blog was written by Izzy and Sami.

(With a tiny contribution from Miss Houston)


Autumn 2 week 3

This week we have been using sticks collected from fields also we have been using clay,felt,hessian,string and hot glue guns to build are Stone Age homes.It was frustrating and we were resilient because every time we failed we got back up again.













For homework we have been designing or writing about a special pebble we found and wrote or built a model to show how we think it was made. We found it fun because we get to design or write our own model. Izzy made a giant BFG head in connection to our class story.













In football we have been learning how to play football and get a chance to help over people. We have enjoyed it a lot in the last few weeks. We hope we will carry on!










This weeks blog was written by Annabelle and Heath


Autumn 2 Week 2

In English we performed pages from a book called ‘Pebble in My Pocket’, We did this to find out how the characters felt.  Whilst in character we used adjectives to describe our feelings.  This was lots of fun.










We read as a class every day and this week on our ‘Wild Word Wednesday’, the class were searching in dictionaries to find out the meaning tricky and interesting words from our class book.  Some of us then challenged ourselves to find synonyms for each of the tricky words.  Discussing vocabulary in books is a good way to build our own vocabulary for our speaking and our writing.










In Topic/DT we have started to design our own stone age homes.  We learnt about the different homes that Stone Age man lived in during the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Mesolithic periods of the Stone Age and decided which type of home we would like to build.  We are really looking forward to building our stone age homes.










As extra homework this week Miss Houston would like us to practise our subtraction calculations as we have been struggling with this a little.  See below for the homework with two examples of the different ways we solve these problems in school.











582 – 153 =                                             490 – 177 =

867 – 508 =                                            866 – 337 =

580 – 321 =                                             464 – 215 =

777 – 168 =                                             933 – 626 =

672 – 223 =


This weeks blog was written by Kylan and Amy with contributions from Miss Houston