Welcome to Year 3

Spring 2 – Week 3









In Literacy, we continued looking at different Roman myths.  Having listened to a myth we created our

own story maps.  We were given part of a Roman myth and we had to identify nouns, adjectives, verbs and

adverbs.  We also took part in role-play and recorded the dialogue.

Our main focus in Numeracy was to read and write analogue and digital times.  We also looked at matching

digital to analogue times.  Following this we looked at times intervals.  For example if I get to school at 7:15am

what would the time be ten minutes later?

Wednesday was a really exciting day for us as the premier league trophy came into school.  We also

got to do lots of super moving.  It was an amazing day and a wonderful opportunity for us.









As part of our History learning we painted images of

Roman soldiers.  We had great fun mixing different colours.

Friday was also another exciting day it was Red Nose Day we were able to

wear our own clothes and tell the class jokes.

We told some amazing jokes which the class thoroughly enjoyed.

What a great way to end our week.

Spring 2 – Week 2


In Literacy, this week we have been learning how to research key events in

History by looking at Roman newspaper articles.  We were able to take down

notes on specific historical events, as well as use our notes to write our own articles.

We learnt some very interesting facts, did you know that the month of

July is named after Julius Caesar?  Also that the German and Russian

words for king – Kaiser and Czar – are based on his name.


We also had such a lovely day this Thursday, as it was World Book Day.

It was great dressing up and getting the opportunity to share many books

with our parents.

We enjoyed reading with our adults, as well as our friends.


In Year Three, we love reading!



We really enjoyed sharing our books with our parents and grandparents.

Thank you all for taking the time to come into our classroom.


In Numeracy this week, we have focused on addition and subtraction.  We have

learnt how to add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100 from a 3-digit number.

We had to make up our own number sentences and work out the answers.


During our Science lesson, we looked at the human skeleton and discussed

the three different joints and labelled them on a diagram.

We also enjoyed our Dance lesson with Mrs Trelford and Music with Miss Airman.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Miss Nedjat

Spring 2 – Week 1

This week during Literacy, we looked at two different core books: ‘Escape to Pompeii’ and ‘Roman Records’.  We looked through the story Escape to Pompeii and identified words that we did not understand.  We used a dictionary and our friend’s knowledge to identify unknown words and their meanings.  We also decided to role-play the life of a person living in Pompeii before the volcanic eruption. We look notes to help us next week when writing our newspaper reports.  Following this, we looked through different text and identified words written in the present tense and changed them into the past tense.


You can see us using the collaboration owl whilst finding all the different words and meanings.


Look at us now taking notes about the various different Roman characters.



During Numeracy, this week we have learnt about place value.  We used a place value grid

to multiply and divide numerals.  First we played the nasty game, where we had to pick up cards

and place them on the grid and see the greatest three digit number that could be made.  Following this, we learnt

to multiply and divide by 10 and 100.  We then used our knowledge and applied this to various amounts of money.

It was also lovely to see so many parents at our Numeracy evening.  It was great that we were able to

demonstrate our skills and show you the various strategies we have been using recently.

We had such a fun evening demonstrating our skills to you.  It was really enjoyable taking on the

role of the teacher.

During History, this week we have explored different peoples lives living in Roman Britain.  We created

a poster about our chosen character.  In our computing lesson we were also challenged to find out as many facts

as possible about the Romans.  We discovered lots of different facts and recorded them,


It was really enjoyable working together to find out our own facts.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

Miss Nedjat


Happy Valentine’s Day

My final post as year 3 class teacher seems to have come round very quickly.

Miss Nedjat is now formally back and all questions regarding the children should be addressed to her.

Just to say that the class have been an absolute delight to teach and I will miss them.

After half term I shall be teaching year 1 on Mondays and covering wherever necessary on Tuesdays, so plenty of opportunity to catch up with their news on the playground.

Thank you for being a super bunch of parents and I hope to say Hi to you too!

Final photo is of your gorgeous children on a Spring day saying “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Isobel Gardner


Broad Curriculum

It is good to be back in school after succumbing to a nasty bug that many of the children have had.

At Orchard Way we are proud to offer the children a broad curriculum so that they have the opportunity to experience a wide variety in their learning.

They are lucky to have specialist teachers for some subjects and Coach Matt has been very complimentary about the children’s behaviour and effort to learn new gymnastics skills. (I’ll take some photos for next week!) Mrs Castle teaches French and has also been talking to the children about Mindfulness, so you may get some interesting answers when you ask them about what they have been doing in school this week!

Science work is still covering knowledge of healthy diets and what nutrition each food group provides for our body. They will be investigating food packaging so don’t be surprised if they suddenly show great interest in what is in the store cupboard. We will be asking the children to keep a food diary over the half term break.

Miss Nedjat has set Mathletics to consolidate what she has been teaching.

English is based on a really lovely story and will involve lots of creativity next week.

My final afternoon with the class will be next Thursday and will give me the chance to say a proper goodbye as their teacher. It will only be farewell as I will still be in school and will continue to teach them occasionally. It is important that the children are told formally by me that Miss Nedjat is taking over properly from after half term. Until then, I am still more than happy to talk with you if there are any issues concerning your child.

Isobel Gardner

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