Welcome to Year 3

Autumn 1 week 6

Our class have explored the way in which Stone Age people made and used weapons.  We gathered our own sticks and followed our designs to make weapons for hunting in the style of Stone Age man.  This took lots of hard work as we used hard rocks to shape flint into the perfect spears for hunting mammoth and we we proud of our completed weapons.












In English we have been reading a variety of performance poems and have preformed them to the class.  It was an interesting experience and there was lots of nerves in the room but we all managed to perform with partners or in a group.  We even had the opportunity to use instruments in our performances.










In ICT we are becoming master coders and have enjoyed learning about the purpose of an algorithm by creating our own algorithms to move a vehicle around a road on the computer.  Have a go with us on code for life at home, you might enjoy it!

Autumn 1 Week 5

We have been busy as usual this week.  In English we have just completed our own portal stories and have learnt lots about using adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions.  We are looking forward to learning all about performance poetry over the next two weeks.  Our Maths learning has been about starting to add and subtract, we’re getting the hang of subtracting a multiple of 100 from a 3 digit number, perhaps you can help us revise multiples of 100 at home?

We have also been very crafty in our learning about the Stone Age and did soap carvings in the style of Barbara Hepworth, who is most famous for her carvings in bronze, wood and of course stone.  We were really proud of the soap family we created,  it was dangerous work!
















In science we continued our learning about fossils with a study of the first palaeontologist Mary Anning.  We then created our own trace fossils.  Ask us at home what the 3 main types of fossils are and maybe we can do some more research.













We were all extremely excited to start our recorder lessons this week and have already learnt 3 notes B, A, G but need a lot more practice to avoid giving Miss Houston a headache!









Miss Houston would really love to see us getting creative at home, she would love to see what you can find out about Woolly Mammoths.  You can present it in any way (a poster, a model, a fact file, some art) show off your creativity and work together as a family.

Autumn 1 Week 4

This week has been a week to remember.  There was lot’s of excitement over the week as we were preparing to celebrate our 50th birthday!  As well as our usual learning of Maths and English we did some interesting work in science finding out how fossils are made and in PSHE we spoke about all the good qualities we each have and how we should be kind to ourselves.









For our birthday celebration we made bunting and wrote down our fondest memories of our time so far at Orchard Way.



















On Friday we were lucky enough to have a special guest come and celebrate with us, who was the head teacher at Orchard Way many years ago, probably when some of the mums and dads went here.  We also learnt a lovely dance and had a huge birthday cake, we all felt very special.



Autumn 1 Week 3

Hello Parents!

This week we’ve continued with our walk back into the Stone Age and have been looking at the timeline of the Stone Age.  We discussed sorting things into chronological order by discussing some of the events we knew.  One of us thought that queen Elizabeth II’s birth came before the dinosaurs, so we have a bit more work to do on that!  We worked with partners to order Stone Age events in Britain and the rest of the world, and will continue to work on our timelines next week.

In Maths we have done some great work on place value and we are beginning to add 1, 10 and 100 to three digit numbers.  Talk to us at home about what happens when we have to take 10 from a three digit number with no tens in the tens column (e.g. 507).  In English we’ve continued to look at the story of the Stone Age Boy and have begun to plan our own portal stories.  We’ve got some great ideas and Miss Houston is excited to see what we write.

In Science we’ve taken our learning outdoors and experimented with rocks.  As well as doing some research and finding out even more about the 3 rock types, we also tested to find out if they were permeable or impermeable and spoke about rock density, testing to see if they would float or sink.  Unfortunately all of our rocks seemed to be high density and sank to the bottom!

We had a good week and look forward to some more fun learning next week.

Density – Will it sink or will it float?

We carefully tested the permeability using drops of water.

We recorded our findings after running a few tests.

Autumn 1 Week 2

We are well into week 2 and have done so much lovely learning this week.  As well as learning a whole story (Stone Age Boy) off by heart, we have been learning to write storyboards and use actions to help us remember stories.  This was lots of fun and we practiced retelling them in groups.









In maths we were solidifying our knowledge of place value.  We’ve used concrete resources to investigate 100s, 10s and 1s and we then spent time representing 3-digit numbers in a variety of ways.  In science we have learnt to name all the 3 different types of rocks, they have very tricky names – ask us at home to see if we can remember them!  We have even learnt how they are formed and will be thinking more about how we can group them next week.

Our history work involved us sifting through bins!! (Of course they weren’t really bins as Miss Houston had put some things together for us to look at.)  This helped us to become archaeologists and investigate how things people leave behind can teach us about the person and how they live.


We’ve had a good week and we hope you can talk to us more about our learning at home.



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