Welcome to Year 3

Spring 1 Week 3

This week has been another fun week of active learning.  In P.E we have continued with our gymnastics learning are we are now looking at how we can use different parts of our bodies to balance.  We have worked both independently and in groups to look at different balances.  This was tricky but we gave it our best shot.












We were lucky enough to have the chance to visit Orchard Park this week and take part in a P.E lesson led by some of the pupils.  We got to learn the game of dodge ball, which I’m sure many of our parents will remember playing at school.  Some of us played basket ball.  The pupils were really good teachers and we are looking forward to returning next week.











In science we have continued learning about our skeletons and muscles.  We carried out an experiment to find out if people with longer arms threw further.  It was good fun discussing how we could make it a fair test and to start to think about hypothesis and methods of testing.












Our teacher has been very pleased with how we are starting to apply our new learning and is hopeful that we will continue to read more challenging books to improve our ever expanding vocabulary.

Spring 1 Week 2

This week we have been so engrossed in our learning that we have not taken many pictures.  In English we have continued reading the story of ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’.  We have learnt new and exciting vocabulary from the book; words such as ‘fashioned’, ‘jovially’, ‘domestic’ ‘condescending’ and ‘unsavoury’; it would be brilliant if we could discuss these words with you.  We have also enjoyed reading in role and echo reading with both Mrs Taylor and Miss Houston.  This is a great way to help us practise our expression and intonation.













In science we have learnt about the job of the muscles to help us move.  We learnt that some muscles move voluntarily whilst others have involuntary movement; like the heart muscle.  We also learnt that skeletal muscles are made from muscle tissue but other muscles in the body (organs) are made up of different tissues.  When we move parts of our bodies our muscles work in pairs to help us move, whilst one muscle contracts the other relaxes.









In history we have learnt more about how the Romans took over from the Celts, we have linked our art learning to roman battles and have designed Roman shields.  We would love if you could send in some large boxes to help us make our shields.

Spring 1 Week 1

In class we have been learning about the miraculous Journey of Edward Tunlane by Kate Dicamillo and wrote about our likes dislikes puzzles and patterns and we have also been learning how to be reporters and report speech.  We interviewed each other in character then wrote down our interviews in our literacy books making sure we used speech marks and question marks.











In history we had a big battle of tag ruby. Celts vs Romans! The Romans won. We learnt that in the Roman times the Bronze Age also happened and that the Stone Age had finally finished.  We found out that the Romans wanted gold, bronze, wood and wool from Britain.  It was interesting finding out about this.











In science we have been learning about bones and we have learnt the common names of bones and the scientific names of some bones.  We learnt the song ‘Dry Bones’ which is from a story about the prophet Ezekiel in the Christian religion.

Now this term in P.E on Monday we do gymnastics.  It’s really exciting!

This weeks blog post was written by Asempa and Peter

Autumn 2 Week 7

This week we have done lots exciting Stone Age learning.  We created animal cave paintings from the Stone Age.  After painting we cut out our favourite ones and put them in a special book.  We learnt that Stone Age people used cave art to show pictures of their hunting and the weapons they used.  Their hand prints were their signatures.  For our paintings we used charcoal, chalk and paint to create them.









We have also began to learn a diary of a Stone Age child, we drew pictures to describe words and sentences.  After we had finished in our partners we did actions to go with the pictures we had drawn.  When we finished our paragraphs we started to learn the rest of the diary.












As well as all our diary entries and art we invited year four to come over to review what they liked and didn’t like about our pebble in our pocket books and to give us some advice about how to improve them.  It was exciting and fun because Miss Houston was not our only reader this time and we had year 4s too.  The year 4s told us lots of things to improve in our next piece of writing and said they really enjoyed reading our books.  We are hoping to read some of their work later on in the year.












This weeks blog was written by Marie and Tate


Autumn 2 week 5

On Tuesday we did geography. we learnt about Earths layers. we made a model of the earth. We had three colours ,red,yellow and green. We made the core out of red and and it was one centimetre.  Then we made the outer core out of yellow and rapped it over the core.  After, we made the mantle out of green and put it over the outer core.  We put sand to for the crust over our Earth and cut it with a piece of string.











We had assessment week and we were all concentrating very well.  We weren’t allowed to talk, It was very hard!  We did maths and reading booklets.









Later in the week we went on a school trip to Butser Ancient farm.  A lady called Alison told us a bit about the farm.  She took us to a stone age home to ask us some questions, we also left our lunches there.  We made bracelets out of sheep wool.  The grown ups tried first.  Then we did archaeology.  We dug for metal, pottery and bones.  After lunch we made wattle fences.  The boys made on fences and the girls made another.  We made rings out of wires and pliers.  Then after an enjoyable day we went on the coach home.













This weeks blog was written by Dylan and Saffron