Summer 2 Week 5

This week in year 4, the children have worked really hard and completed their end of term assessments in maths and reading. They have all tried their very best and I am so pleased with the progress they have made.

In maths, we looked at the bus stop method for division. Some children had never seen this method before and I am so impressed at how quickly they have all grasped it! This is something that will definitely help them as they move through KS2 so it is important that they keep practising this method to keep it fresh in their minds. We have also revisited the ladder method for multiplication and looked at estimating our answers first. I am pleased that the children have become more confident in using this method.

In literacy, we started a new book called ‘Who was Rosa Parks?’ This is still part of our unit of work on ‘Chronological reports’ and the children have discussed how the test uses features of a chronological report.

The children also completed their final Soundstart lesson this week and had the opportunity to perform all that they have learnt in a short concert to their parents. I am so proud of them all and it was a pleasure to watch and see the amazing talent and progress they have made since the beginning of the year.

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