Our School Staff

Head Teacher

Stacey Taylor

Designated Senior Safeguarding Officer

Assessment Lead

Science leader


Deputy Head Teacher

Sarah Spencer

SENCo and Inclusion Manager

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

KS2 phase leader

Teaching & learning support


KS1 Co-ordinator/Assistant Head Teacher

Cherry Bartholomew

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Reception class teacher

KS1 Coordinator

RE / PSHE subject leader

Maths leader


Year 1 class teacher

Georgina Clifton

Reading leader


Year 2 class teacher

Laura Betts

Geography leader


Year 3 class teacher

Godwin Ampiaw

PE leader


Year 4 class teacher

Jonathan Smyth

History leader


Year 5 class teacher

Gailann Houston

Writing leader


Year 6 class teacher

Sophie Gouveia

Computing, Raising Standards leader


Part time curriculum release teacher

Isobel Gardner - Art and Design & Design Technology leader

Jane Pearcy - Part Time Release Teacher


Inclusion team

Kim Dixon - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Zoe Norwood - SEN Assistant


Teaching Assistants

Ellie Burley

Moira Clarke - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Jackie Crook

Kim Dixon

Kelly Fairall

Leanne Inwood

Pauline Matthews

Sara Mian

Zoe Norwood

Jane Pulley

Julie Sibley

Kelly Smith

Chris Tookey

Suzanne Twyman


Office Staff

Jacqui Pickering     Admin & Finance officer

Elizabeth O'Brien     Admin & HR Officer

Natasha Trelford     Admin & HR officer


Site Staff

Marcos Pourou        Caretaker and Cleaner

Gwen Hodson          Cleaner


Midday Meal Supervisors  

Pauline Matthews

Chris Tookey

Ellie Burley

Jackie Crook

Julie Sibley


Breakfast Club

Chris Tookey

Julie Sibley


After School Care

Kim Dixon

Leanne Inwood

Bernadette David