This week the children were introduced to fractions and their notation i.e. 1/2 and 1/4. They have learned that a fraction is an equal part of a whole. They have found fractions of shapes, objects and are beginning to find fractions of quantities by using the division ‘sharing method’.

We were privileged enough to have a visit from Karen Gee and Dodger Dog which the children absolutely loved! He was a softie!

In Science, the children sorted pictures of things that are dead, things that are alive and things that were alive but are now dead.

In Literacy, the children looked and biography writing as a non-fiction style and learnt the main features e.g. heading, sub-headings, image, caption, paragraphs etc. They matched topic vocabulary (about Florence Nightingale) with their correct definitions as they will be writing their own biography on Florence next Tuesday. They have planned their heading and sub-headings!


Miss Clifton 🙂