This week has been another fun week of active learning.  In P.E we have continued with our gymnastics learning are we are now looking at how we can use different parts of our bodies to balance.  We have worked both independently and in groups to look at different balances.  This was tricky but we gave it our best shot.












We were lucky enough to have the chance to visit Orchard Park this week and take part in a P.E lesson led by some of the pupils.  We got to learn the game of dodge ball, which I’m sure many of our parents will remember playing at school.  Some of us played basket ball.  The pupils were really good teachers and we are looking forward to returning next week.











In science we have continued learning about our skeletons and muscles.  We carried out an experiment to find out if people with longer arms threw further.  It was good fun discussing how we could make it a fair test and to start to think about hypothesis and methods of testing.












Our teacher has been very pleased with how we are starting to apply our new learning and is hopeful that we will continue to read more challenging books to improve our ever expanding vocabulary.