This week we have been so engrossed in our learning that we have not taken many pictures.  In English we have continued reading the story of ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’.  We have learnt new and exciting vocabulary from the book; words such as ‘fashioned’, ‘jovially’, ‘domestic’ ‘condescending’ and ‘unsavoury’; it would be brilliant if we could discuss these words with you.  We have also enjoyed reading in role and echo reading with both Mrs Taylor and Miss Houston.  This is a great way to help us practise our expression and intonation.













In science we have learnt about the job of the muscles to help us move.  We learnt that some muscles move voluntarily whilst others have involuntary movement; like the heart muscle.  We also learnt that skeletal muscles are made from muscle tissue but other muscles in the body (organs) are made up of different tissues.  When we move parts of our bodies our muscles work in pairs to help us move, whilst one muscle contracts the other relaxes.









In history we have learnt more about how the Romans took over from the Celts, we have linked our art learning to roman battles and have designed Roman shields.  We would love if you could send in some large boxes to help us make our shields.