This week we have been learning about the Jewish religion.  We learnt new symbols, we learnt about the synagogue and we also learnt about the Torah which contains the five books of Moses.  We learnt that they read the Torah from  right to left and it is written in Hebrew.










On Wednesday we had an fabulous tea party because we are learning a story called Elf Road.  Whilst we had the tea party we wrote on post-it notes describing the food and the ornaments.  We enjoyed this because we had lots of different food and we were learning at the same time.














In maths this week we have been learning about coins, pennies and notes.  We have learnt to add them up and subtract to find change.  On Thursday we worked in partners and some of us switched tables for it.  We had to work out how much money two characters had been saving up to try and buy different animals.  We then had to do some subtraction to find out how much change they got.  We some of this easy and some of it hard.










We are looking forward to learning the story of Elf Road off by heart.



This blog post was written by Carly and Lakshman