In class we have been learning about the miraculous Journey of Edward Tunlane by Kate Dicamillo and wrote about our likes dislikes puzzles and patterns and we have also been learning how to be reporters and report speech.  We interviewed each other in character then wrote down our interviews in our literacy books making sure we used speech marks and question marks.











In history we had a big battle of tag ruby. Celts vs Romans! The Romans won. We learnt that in the Roman times the Bronze Age also happened and that the Stone Age had finally finished.  We found out that the Romans wanted gold, bronze, wood and wool from Britain.  It was interesting finding out about this.











In science we have been learning about bones and we have learnt the common names of bones and the scientific names of some bones.  We learnt the song ‘Dry Bones’ which is from a story about the prophet Ezekiel in the Christian religion.

Now this term in P.E on Monday we do gymnastics.  It’s really exciting!

This weeks blog post was written by Asempa and Peter