Extended Services

Extended Services at Orchard Way

Our Breakfast Club and After School Care provide children with an opportunity to interact with children from all year groups and have free choice in a relaxed environment.

Breakfast Club

Between 7:30am-8:30am, children are buzzed in at the main gate, or brought into the hall by their adult in charge, for Breakfast Club. Food will be served until 8:15am so your child will need to be in school by this time in order to eat breakfast. Children can choose from a variety of non-sugared cereals, wholemeal toast and fruit.  After eating, children can choose to play with Lego, jigsaw puzzles or do drawing/ colouring.

The cost will be £3.50

After School Care

Our first year of providing this service has been quite successful thanks to Miss Dixon who has created a fun, calm and friendly space which the children enjoy.

We are pleased to inform you that that we will be extending the duration of this service until 6.00pm and increasing the number of staff members involved.  In order to do this, we have had to review our current charge of £3.50 per hour and from September 2018, the following charges will apply:

Time                                                                       Cost

Up to 1 hour (3.05pm - 4.00pm)                           £4.00

Up to 2 hours (4.00pm - 5.00pm)                         £8.00

Up to 3 hours (5.00pm – 6.00pm)                       £11.00

Note: If your child joins After School Care after a club (e.g. Dance, Art or Multi Sports) the cost will be as follows:

Time                                                                    Cost

Up to 1 hour (4:15pm-5:00pm)                           £4.00

Up to 2 hours (4:15pm-6:00pm)                         £8.00

All children will be offered fruit and a drink of milk or water up until 4.00pm and a snack will be served around 4.15pm. This will comprise of a variety of healthy food each day, including:  hummus with a variety of breads such as toast, pitta or muffins, cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, sliced apple/fruit, mini yoghurts and a drink of milk or water.

The children take part in a variety of activities including: drawing/colouring, board games, construction toys, or listening to music/playing instruments and have the opportunity to make full use of our great outdoor space during the warmer months. There is also an area for children to read a book or do homework if they so wish.

Late Fees

We cannot stress enough how important it is for children to be collected on time.  Our After School Service will finish at 6.00 pm.  We will be introducing a late fee of £1 per minute for anyone who arrives after 6.00 pm.

In reviewing our charges, we have taken into account those which other local schools charge for the same service, many of which charge a flat rate regardless of the time children are collected.  Some of these cost up to £17.50.  We want this to be affordable for parents/carers, while ensuring that we cover the costs of staffing, food and resources.

For ad-hoc attendances, please contact the school on the morning you would like your child to attend After School Club.  If you would like your child to have a full-time place, please contact the Office to reserve their place.

Booking a place

Breakfast Club

Your child can attend Breakfast Club any day, without prior booking.

After School Care

If you would like your child to have a full-time place or a place on set days of the week, please contact the Office to reserve their place.  For ad-hoc attendances, please contact the school on the morning you would like your child to attend After School Care.