Welcome to Year 2

Spring 1 Week 4

The children were busy writing WANTED posters and letters to The Enormous Crocodile this week and it is brilliant to see the children making good use of their new vocabulary! 🙂

In Maths they have been using the ‘sharing’ method for division and will continue to practise this next week before applying it to problems. They will then learn the ‘grouping’ method.

On Friday, the children each made a ‘river of reading’ after discussing the important role reading plays in everyday life. Thank you to all the parents/carers who helped their children to gather different forms of texts to collage their ‘river of reading’ with.


Home Learning: Reading is the MOST important piece of home learning you can support your child with. Also, the children should be learning their 2, 5 and 10 times tables off by heart. This means knowing them within seconds and not having to count on to work them out! i.e. 3×5=15 or 12×2=24


Miss Clifton 🙂

Spring 1 Week 3

The children have had another busy week!

They have learnt a revised version of The Enormous Crocodile and generated actions for our oral rehearsal sessions. It is only by reading that we acquire new vocabulary and are inspired to write so we will be rehearsing this story as much as possible so they know the structure well. In addition to this, we have played lots of ‘vocabulary tennis’ whereby the children bounce back new words with a synonym e.g. cruel-unkind / unkind/cruel. This has really helped them to remember their new vocabulary and constant recapping has meant that many have used them in their writing. They have written a poem about The Enormous Crocodile and a character description, focusing on the use of conjunctions to add detail e.g. The Enormous Crocodile has a long, scaly back which leads to his lethal pointy tall. 

In Maths, the children have been consolidating their understanding of multiplication by applying their calculation skills to problem solving e.g. I have 8 bags of sweets. There are 5 sweets in each bag. How many sweets are there altogether? This is 8×5 (8 lots of 5 or 8 equal groups of 5). They would count in 5s 8 times and find the total is 40 sweets.

In Art, we have been identifying the skills of the artist Henri Rousseau. He used bold outlines, drew large animals in the foreground and oversized flowers among other things. The children had a go at using his skills before drawing their own picture inspired by real flowers and toy animals. This emphasised how our imagination can take us anywhere we like!


Home Learning:

  • listen to your child read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day (this is so important!) Please record which pages they have read in their reading record. 🙂
  • read to your child whenever you can and have valuable discussions about the text
  • mathletics
  • weekly spellings/spelling of common exception words such as were, where, whole, find and children

Please note: there is a letter in your child’s book bag regarding an activity we will be doing in class. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Have a good weekend

Miss Clifton 🙂


Spring 1 Week 2

The children have been working hard this week! 

They have written a set of instructions, a letter and a description in the first person, all based on a video called Lily and the Snowman. The children have been encouraged to fill their writing with interesting words and phrases e.g. my eyes widened in excitement. In addition, they have been encouraged to use a range of conjunctions e.g. when, but, although, because, so, while etc. It is a Year 2 expectation to write a range of sentence types, mixing short and long sentences within a paragraph. 

In Maths, the children have learned to make and draw arrays to both represent and solve multiplication calculations. We have spent a lot of time discussing the multiplication symbol and using the language; ‘groups of’ and ‘lots of’ interchangeably. Here is an image of arrays in case you would like to practise this method at home. 

The children have shown great enthusiasm for their History and Science topics.

In Science they are learning about animals and their growth and this week they classified and grouped animals into ‘animals that give birth to live young’ or ‘animals that lay eggs’. 

In History, the children learnt all about Florence Nightingale’s trip to Scutari. They were shocked to find out about the state of the hospital upon her arrival!

In Computing, the children used the Kiddle search engine to find a world map. They then located the UK, Turkey and Ukraine. 

Home Learning: 

– reading 


– spellings 

Have a great weekend. 

Miss Clifton 🙂

Spring 1 Week 1

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy first week back in Year 2!

The children have exuded curiosity about their new topic, Florence Nightingale. They have learnt a little bit about her including the fact that she was determined to be a nurse from a young age. They have created questions that they would like answered throughout the topic. These included the 5 question words; what, where, when, who and why.

In art, the children drew a chalk outline of Florence Nightingale onto black sugar paper and I was impressed with how well they covered the page! 😀

In Maths, the children have explored the multiplication sign (X) and learnt what it means (equal groups of or lots of). They have learnt to use repeated addition as a means of calculating the total. e.g. for 5 lots of 10 they would write 10+10+10+10+10=50 and this can also be written as 5 x 10=50.

Hopefully, the children are using their multiplication loop cards which were sent home at the end of term and they should now be beginning to learn these facts by rote (2,5 and 10 times tables).

Reminder: it is an INSET day tomorrow. 

Home learning: spellings, CEW spellings, Mathletics and READING to an adult.  

Have a great weekend.

Miss Clifton 🙂

Autumn 2 Week 8

We had a fun-filled final week at school!

The children learnt how to distinguish a 2D shape and a 3D shape. They tested each other on the names of 2D shapes according to how many sides and vertices (corners) they had. Also, they each made a 3D cube from paper and drew Christmas pictures using 2D shapes.

They also enjoyed their KS 1 party! Thank you to all parents/carers who provided food. 🙂

Home Learning: Please find inside your child’s bag; an A4 sheet with spellings on (they will be given a random number spelling test), 3 sheets of times tables loop cards (2’s, 5’s and 10s) and the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words. I do not need to see any evidence of this learning but times tables practice, reading and spelling of Common Exception words should be frequent at home whenever you get the opportunity. This is the biggest help parents’ can provide in Year 2 at this stage in the year. They need to start spelling from memory when writing sentences rather than using their sounds for every word and they must know their 2,5 and 10 times tables off by heart. We will be focusing on multiplication and division in the new Year and their times tables knowledge will be invaluable. Of course, reading is a MUST (this helps with everything!).

Thank you for your continued support.

Lastly…A BIG thank you… 

Thank you for my very thoughtful class presents.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Miss Clifton 🙂