Welcome to Year 2

Summer 2 Week 6

What a busy week we have had!

The children loved learning about Belgium this week, especially on International Day!

The children wrote fact files, drew Tin Tin pictures, researched facts about Belgium, learnt how chocolate is made, designed their own chocolate bar and they even tasted some Belgian chocolate on a waffle!

Here are some pictures of the day’s events:

We also released our beautiful butterflies! They couldn’t wait to fly away to freedom!

Please note that your child has their school report in their book bag. 

They met their new teacher today and I’m sure they will be eager to tell you all about their session with her.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Clifton

Summer 2 Week 5

Wow! This week has whizzed by!

In maths, the children have used partitioning as a means of doubling and halving.

In Literacy, the children have written recounts of their school trip. They have also explored more sea-themed vocabulary, much of it specific to waves e.g. engulfing

Why not try asking your child to use a new word in a sentence? 

In Geography, the children have been describing their local area, using street and aerial view maps to help them.


The children are becoming more fluent readers and this is largely due to regular practise at home. Thank you for supporting your child in this way. It is having a very positive impact! We have been doing lots of class reading, enjoying and discussing books together. Additionally, the children have been doing lots of independent reading straight after the register. They have grown in independence and can now sustain quiet reading time for 10-15 minutes!

The children have been very creative this week!

They have painted a sandy scene, sky watercolour wash and made and decorated origami boats! They then collated the artwork to make one scene.

Look how fabulous they are…

Have a great weekend. 🙂

Miss Clifton

P.S. I wonder if our class Chrysalises will emerge next week?  The children have been loving watching the process!

Summer 2 Week 4

What a practical week we have had in Year 2!

The children have been preparing the first stage of their sea-side picture by mixing different shades of blue. They made a colour test page first and then painted a page graduating from dark to light!

Today’s trip was a huge success as the children were highly engaged and represented Orchard Way well. They potted a sunflower seed each, investigated seeds more closely and worked in groups to produce some ephemeral art! We were fortunate to have glorious weather too!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Thank you very much to the parent helpers. You were invaluable! 🙂

I was very proud of the whole class for their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm during the entire trip. Well done Year 2!

Have a great weekend in the sun!

Miss Clifton 🙂

Summer 2 Week 3

What a tiring week it has been! The children should sleep well tonight!

This week, the children have written recounts of last weekend in Literacy, worked out times and durations of time in Maths and observed the progress of their Cress seeds, planted last week in Science. Additionally, the children are now carrying out another investigation to answer the question; Can seeds germinate without soil? They have placed a damp tissue in a transparent bag and popped a Runner Bean inside. We will wait and see what happens!

The children thoroughly enjoyed sports day today and they all tried their very best! Well done to all the parent volunteers who tried their best  too! 🙂

Reminder: Our class visit to Wakehurst Place is Friday 28th June! Please return the permission slip if you haven’t already done so. 

Have a restful weekend!

Miss Clifton 🙂

Summer 2 Week 2

We have had another hard – working week in Year 2!

The children have been busy Scientists this week, planning an investigation by writing up their aim, method and prediction prior to planting seeds to test the conditions that affect germination.

Some children are testing to see if seeds need light to germinate, some are testing the need for water and some are testing the need for heat. We discussed how to make it a fair test i.e. keeping everything the same except for the condition being tested i.e. water/no water.

Here are some pictures:

We will continue to observe are seeds and record the results daily in a class table.

The children have been practising their number facts in maths, recording all the facts they know from their knowledge of basic number bonds to 10 i.e. If I know that 3+7=10 then I know… 7+3=10, 10-7=3, 10-3=7, 13+7=20, 17+3=20, 20-17=3, 20-3=17, 30+70=100, 70+30=100, 100-70=30 and 100-30=70.

They have also solved simple problems using all four calculations (multiplication/division/addition and subtraction).

In Literacy, aside from the Science experiment write up, the children have written a biography about someone they know well under appropriate sub-headings.

How can I help at home?

Please make hearing your child read aloud the priority for help at home. The children have made lots of progress with their comprehension skills but they must continue to read small chunks to an adult on a regular basis (at least every other day) in order to read quickly and confidently without hesitation. This will prepare them well for Year 3.  They should be bringing their book to school EVERYDAY in order to have it changed regularly and progress through their colour books. 

Additionally, please ensure children are practising using given spelling words in context. They should also be practising appropriately using common homophones e.g. their/they’re and there and to/two and too etc.

Fingers crossed for a less rainy week next week!

Have a great weekend. 🙂

Miss Clifton




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