Welcome to Reception

Autumn Two Week 2

In Reception this week, we used fireworks as our focus for our literacy and art work. The children composed a simple poem about what fireworks look like and the sounds they make. We also drew pictures of ‘Mum and Dad’ from our reading scheme and used their names to label our writing.

The children participated in a variety of fireworks related art work including splatter painting and salt painting.

In maths, the class focused on the number four and looked at how a square can be cut into four equal pieces. The children also counted out ten beads from a larger quantity and threaded them onto a piece of string.

Autumn Two Week 1

The children started the week by writing their ‘News’ about something they had done over the holiday. They also drew pictures of Floppy and wrote his name.

In maths, we focused on number three, drew three sheep and made a tree using three triangles. The children also used pumpkins to help them order objects by size.

The class used pipe cleaners to print some firework shapes and then added glitter to make them sparkle. They also made a 2D firework out of a rectangle and a triangle.

On Tuesday, the children focused on the festival of Diwali. They listened to the story of Rama and Sita and then dressed up and acted it out. They also made diva pots out of clay.

Autumn 1 Week 7

This week in literacy, the children have been writing about pets and their favourite animals. They were also introduced to the character Chip, from our reading scheme.

In maths, we focused on the number two and how to correctly form the written numeral. We also learnt the rhyme ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’.

The children looked at the different colours of autumn leaves. They mixed some colours to paint autumn trees, sequenced leaves according to colour and size and used leaves and sponges to create colourful autumn patterns.

The children also used leaves to decorate their autumn crowns.

Autumn 1 Week 6

In Reception this week, the children have been thinking about their friends and they have drawn a picture of what their friend looks like. They have also drawn a picture of Biff from our reading scheme and looked at how to recognise her name.

The children have matched up pairs of  shapes and placed four pictures into the correct sequence. We also focused on how to write the numeral one.

The class investigated hedgehogs this week and they used hedgehog shapes to help develop  their fine motor skills.

Other ‘funky fingers’ activities this week included sewing cards, tracing a path for a hedgehog and cutting out circular shapes.

The children also enjoyed ‘own clothes day’ on Tuesday.

Autumn 1 Week 5

This week, the children have written about the food they like to eat and drawn pictures of plates of food. They also used shaving foam to help them practice letters using the cursive script. The children were also introduced to Kipper, one of the main characters from our reading scheme.

We looked at ordering objects by size  and worked on recognising the numbers from one to ten.

The class also did some investigating involving snails and spiral shapes. The children drew spiral shapes in cold water paste and then a print of their shape was used to make a snail.


This week, Reception had their first PE lesson with coach Gill, which focused on finding your own space and listening to instructions.