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Welcome to Reception

Autumn Two Week 6

In Literacy, Reception has focused on ‘Good Old Mum’ from the ORT reading scheme, with the children writing about all the different items Mum put on to turn her into Santa.

Our class role play corner has also changed to be ‘Santa’s Workshop’.

On Tuesday, we had our ‘Sparkle and Shine’ morning, when parents joined the children in a variety of Christmas crafts, including hat making, painting decorations and paper plate Santa faces.


Christmas has also been the theme for our ‘Funky Fingers’ sessions, with the children using tweezers to decorate pictures of trees, picking up sequins with their fingers and using scissors to make an angel picture.

Autumn Two Week 5

Reception class finished their literacy work on the story ‘Biscuit Bear’ by looking at how Horace felt when he realised that his biscuit had disappeared. In phonics, the children focused on blending CVC words to read them and then they had to work out if it was a real word or a nonsense word.

Maths this week focused on the number seven and the children added seven cars to a seven shaped road.

The children have also ordered numbers using pieces of Numicon and made some repeating patterns.

A lot of our art has had a ‘Christmas focus’, with the children making folded reindeer and working on their cards and calendars. We have also continued to learn our Nativity songs and practice our ‘Star dance’.

Autumn Two Week 4

Reception have continued to focus on our literacy story of ‘Biscuit Bear’ by Mini Grey. The children have painted ‘Biscuit Bear’ and designed some new outfits for him. On Monday, the children baked their own biscuit friends and decorated them using ingredients from the story. Following our biscuit making, the class are now making a zigzag instructions book. The children have to write a caption under a sequence of pictures, in order to describe how the biscuits were made.

In maths, the children concentrated on number six and how to write the numeral correctly. They also looked at the vocabulary used to talk about the length of objects and compared objects by length.

This week, all the children in Reception successfully achieved their Number Star One, which focuses on the numbers up to five. The children had to count, recognise and order the numbers independently. They will now work towards the second Number Star, which focuses on numbers up to ten.

Autumn Two Week 3

This week was Antibullying week and the children had several stories about being kind and friendly, as well as discussing what to do if they were upset by someone. The children made some colourful ‘odd’ socks to help them remember that everyone is different. The class also used hand prints to make some poppies for Remembrance.

In Literacy this week, Reception focused on the story ‘Biscuit Bear’ by Mini Grey. They used some adjectives to describe the main character of the book and predicted what they thought might happen in the story and how it would end. The children then made their own ‘Biscuit Bear’ out of collage. To help the children explore stories through role play, the home corner has been turned into a bakery to celebrate the end of the story. Cakes were also used in maths to help the children order objects by size.

The class focused on the number five this week and used the song ‘Five fat sausages frying in a pan’ to help them successfully count five randomly placed objects. They also used two colours to help them find out different ways of making five.

Autumn Two Week 2

In Reception this week, we used fireworks as our focus for our literacy and art work. The children composed a simple poem about what fireworks look like and the sounds they make. We also drew pictures of ‘Mum and Dad’ from our reading scheme and used their names to label our writing.

The children participated in a variety of fireworks related art work including splatter painting and salt painting.

In maths, the class focused on the number four and looked at how a square can be cut into four equal pieces. The children also counted out ten beads from a larger quantity and threaded them onto a piece of string.

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