Welcome to Reception

Spring One Week 4

This week, Reception have been busy celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have made lanterns, tasted noodles and played in the restaurant.

In Literacy, Reception have started looking at our new story – ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen and our small world play this week has focused on retelling the story.

The children have all been working hard in PE with coach Gill. Our focus this half term is on gymnastics.

Spring One Week 3

This week, the children have been using their phonics to write about what the three bears might have for breakfast instead of porridge. They also did some writing about different types of exercise, which would keep them warm.

The children made some toast and tasted four different toppings to find out which was the favourite – they tried jam, marmalade, honey and lemon curd. Jam was the overall favourite.

This week the class started their ‘buddy’ reading sessions with Year Six. The children all have a Year Six pupil to read to them, with the classes being split between the two classrooms. On  a Friday, the children will bring home one of the books from their ‘Buddy’ reading session to share at home.

Spring One Week 2

In Literacy this week, the children have been using their bears brought in from home to write about different clothes that keep you warm. In Phonics sessions, they have been working as a class to compose simple sentences and then copy them onto their whiteboards.

The children have enjoyed using the puppet theatre to re-tell the story of Goldilocks to their peers. We also tasted some warm drinks, to see which one Goldilocks would have liked best – hot chocolate was the clear favourite.

In maths, we have looked at the properties of a square and used squares to print a robot.

The children also used perspex and warm colours to  make a symmetrical print, which looked a little bit like a butterfly or trees.

Spring One Week 1

The children started the new term by using their knowledge of sounds to write about their holiday.

For the next three weeks, we will by focusing on the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and so the role play corner has been turned into the bears cottage.


Linking in with the story, we used porridge oats in our small world tray – which was very enjoyable but VERY messy! The children also tried some different flavours of porridge, to see which they liked best.

Our maths this week, focused on circles and their properties. The children used different sized circles to make a bear print.

The children also enjoyed using  the ‘Tap a Shape’ game, which had been their class gift at Christmas – thank you Santa.

Autumn Two Week 8

The children all enjoyed the Christmas party and the magician.