Welcome to Reception

Spring 2 Week 5

Our focus this week was on science and so we had a different investigation activity everyday.

The children tried paper towel colour mixing, using water and food colouring.

They also made fizzy colours, using bicarbonate of soda and food colouring.

We had a workshop with Emma Pickup, who showed the children how to make an exploding volcano. This was very exciting! Emma also launched some rockets on the field.

Spring 2 Week 4

This week, the class had a visit from the pirate Mary Read, who told us all about life on a pirate ship. The children had to think of a pirate name before joining the pirate crew and helping to man the pirate ship. As part of our ‘Pirate day’, the children made pirate hats and telescopes.



Spring 2 Week 3

In literacy this week, the children looked at treasure maps and then wrote some instructions to help the pirates to find the treasure. They also used some simple adjectives to describe a desert island and painted a picture of their own island. The children worked with junk materials to make a model of a pirate ship.

In maths, we looked at coins, made some simple amounts of money using 1p and 2p coins and used a till as part of a role play  shop. The children also carried out some subtraction work and looked at the properties of a triangular prism.

This week was also busy as we had a visit from the Premier League Trophy and it was Red Nose Day.


Telling jokes to the class.


Spring 2 Week 2

In Literacy this week, the children made ‘Wanted’ posters, using adjectives to describe the different pirate faces. They also decided how much they wanted the reward to be. They also used adjectives in their independent writing to describe pictures of a variety of pirates.

In maths, we looked at the months of the year and the children thought about which month their birthday was in. There was also a maths challenge relating to cubes, in which the children had to make an animal using only 20 cubes.

On Tuesday, Reception had a ‘Pancake’ afternoon. The children completed a variety of maths and art activities, focusing on pancakes and everyone got to eat a pancake as well!

On Thursday, it was ‘World Book Day’ and the children all enjoyed dressing up as a favourite book character. The children described their favourite character, as well as sharing their book with their Year Six Reading Buddy.


Spring 2 Week 1

This half term our topic in Reception is pirates.

In literacy this week, the children wrote about their holiday, with a focus on using a finger space in between word attempts. They also labelled the different parts of a pirate ship.

In maths, we have started to focus on 3D shapes beginning with cylinders. The children have learnt a song about 3D shapes and made some ‘silly cylinders’ to help them to count the number of faces. They also started to count in twos, using pairs of wellingtons to help them. We also looked at the order of the days of the week and ordinal numbers and linked this to the Creation story.

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