Number Star

Number Star

 Number Star is aimed at all pupils from early KS1 through to the end of KS2.

The aims of Number Star are to increase pupils’ motivation for learning number bonds, tables, measure facts and the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages and to develop their mental arithmetic skills.

There are 18 tests, which become progressively more difficult. Children can take their next test at any time but they should try to pass their next Number Star at least once every half term. Children may take the same test more than once until they pass and progress onto the next Number Star.

The time allowed for each test is written at the top of each paper. In order to achieve the Number Star, children must complete the test in that time.

Number Star 1 - 5 children must get every question correct.

Number Star 6 - 10 children are allowed only 2 errors.

Number Star 11 - Gold Star children are allowed only 3 errors.

When a Number Star has been achieved, the child is awarded with a Number Star certificate, which is given out in celebration assembly. The child will then receive an information sheet about the type of questions that will appear on the next Number Star test and they should start to progress towards the next test.

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Number Star