Reception have continued to focus on our literacy story of ‘Biscuit Bear’ by Mini Grey. The children have painted ‘Biscuit Bear’ and designed some new outfits for him. On Monday, the children baked their own biscuit friends and decorated them using ingredients from the story. Following our biscuit making, the class are now making a zigzag instructions book. The children have to write a caption under a sequence of pictures, in order to describe how the biscuits were made.

In maths, the children concentrated on number six and how to write the numeral correctly. They also looked at the vocabulary used to talk about the length of objects and compared objects by length.

This week, all the children in Reception successfully achieved their Number Star One, which focuses on the numbers up to five. The children had to count, recognise and order the numbers independently. They will now work towards the second Number Star, which focuses on numbers up to ten.