In English we performed pages from a book called ‘Pebble in My Pocket’, We did this to find out how the characters felt.  Whilst in character we used adjectives to describe our feelings.  This was lots of fun.










We read as a class every day and this week on our ‘Wild Word Wednesday’, the class were searching in dictionaries to find out the meaning tricky and interesting words from our class book.  Some of us then challenged ourselves to find synonyms for each of the tricky words.  Discussing vocabulary in books is a good way to build our own vocabulary for our speaking and our writing.










In Topic/DT we have started to design our own stone age homes.  We learnt about the different homes that Stone Age man lived in during the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Mesolithic periods of the Stone Age and decided which type of home we would like to build.  We are really looking forward to building our stone age homes.










As extra homework this week Miss Houston would like us to practise our subtraction calculations as we have been struggling with this a little.  See below for the homework with two examples of the different ways we solve these problems in school.











582 – 153 =                                             490 – 177 =

867 – 508 =                                            866 – 337 =

580 – 321 =                                             464 – 215 =

777 – 168 =                                             933 – 626 =

672 – 223 =


This weeks blog was written by Kylan and Amy with contributions from Miss Houston