We have been busy as usual this week.  In English we have just completed our own portal stories and have learnt lots about using adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions.  We are looking forward to learning all about performance poetry over the next two weeks.  Our Maths learning has been about starting to add and subtract, we’re getting the hang of subtracting a multiple of 100 from a 3 digit number, perhaps you can help us revise multiples of 100 at home?

We have also been very crafty in our learning about the Stone Age and did soap carvings in the style of Barbara Hepworth, who is most famous for her carvings in bronze, wood and of course stone.  We were really proud of the soap family we created,  it was dangerous work!
















In science we continued our learning about fossils with a study of the first palaeontologist Mary Anning.  We then created our own trace fossils.  Ask us at home what the 3 main types of fossils are and maybe we can do some more research.













We were all extremely excited to start our recorder lessons this week and have already learnt 3 notes B, A, G but need a lot more practice to avoid giving Miss Houston a headache!









Miss Houston would really love to see us getting creative at home, she would love to see what you can find out about Woolly Mammoths.  You can present it in any way (a poster, a model, a fact file, some art) show off your creativity and work together as a family.