We are well into week 2 and have done so much lovely learning this week.  As well as learning a whole story (Stone Age Boy) off by heart, we have been learning to write storyboards and use actions to help us remember stories.  This was lots of fun and we practiced retelling them in groups.









In maths we were solidifying our knowledge of place value.  We’ve used concrete resources to investigate 100s, 10s and 1s and we then spent time representing 3-digit numbers in a variety of ways.  In science we have learnt to name all the 3 different types of rocks, they have very tricky names – ask us at home to see if we can remember them!  We have even learnt how they are formed and will be thinking more about how we can group them next week.

Our history work involved us sifting through bins!! (Of course they weren’t really bins as Miss Houston had put some things together for us to look at.)  This helped us to become archaeologists and investigate how things people leave behind can teach us about the person and how they live.


We’ve had a good week and we hope you can talk to us more about our learning at home.