For a few days we have been publishing our pebble in my pocket story’s. Everyone was happy when they started publishing. Some of our class have made our publishing into real books.  The pebble in my pocket book taught us how a pebble is formed.









In year 3 we have earned more than 2000 dodos so we can get a vote of to watch Netflix, wear slippers all day or get extra play. All of our class voted to wear our slippers to school all day (except for when we go out side ).









Some people in our class have been doing imaginative homework linked to our science learning; like Faye who made an incredible volcano.  The volcano was filled with ‘lava’ and Faye erupted it outside of class.












We have been learning about multiplication and division in maths this week and will continue our learning over the next few weeks.  You can help us with our learning of multiplication and division by giving us time to complete our Mathletics and going on hit the button.











This weeks blog was written by Izzy and Sami.

(With a tiny contribution from Miss Houston)